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iCook™ Pasta Pot

Ordering number: 101086
Size: 8 litres

    For a limited period. The 8 litre iCook™ Pasta Pot is now available as a separate item.

    Delicious pasta is the basis for many of the best meals. . This high-quality pan with its sturdy domed lid is made from stainless steel and uses the VITALOK cooking method to offer delicious and nutritious results. Also ideal for cooking soups, stews or large quantities of vegetables

    Available until 31st December or while stocks last.

    • 8 L Dutch oven with lid is used for cooking large portions of rice, soup, stewed meat or fish and pasta.
    • Pasta inset - use with 8L Dutch oven to prepare pasta or seafood.
    • Senior dome lid - if you use it with 8L Dutch oven, it will help you to cook bulky items: huge meat pieces of the whole chicken. It can be also used for multilevel cooking.
    • Steamet inset - wiil slice and steram food and can function as a component compatible with 8 L Dutch oven and Senior sauce pan.

    iCook Stainless steel cookware is an absolutely unique product. iCook™ Stainless Steel Cookware is more than a premium collection of quality cookware.
    It’s a carefully planned system, where every pot, pan, lid and insert works with every other component to help you create tempting dishes that preserve nutrition whilst using less fat.

    Stainless steel (18/8 or 18/10), aluminium.

    For best results with iCook it is important to use only little or medium heat. Please always start with medium heat to form the water seal then turn the heat to low.