Anti-Blemish ARTISTRY™ essentials

Ordering number: 104134 Size: 30 ml
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    ARTISTRY essentials Anti-Blemish is a complexion-clearing, skin-enhancing treatment that helps treat and prevent blemishes, while soothing and comforting skin. This targeted treatment fights blemishes on the spot and discourages breakouts from resurfacing.

    Together with our ARTISTRY essentials Balancing and Hydrating skincare systems and other ARTISTRY essentials supplementary products, this product will help address most of the needs of your skincare routines.

    • Formula upgraded to a lotion providing an all-over application resulting in the new claim: ‘ Help treat and prevent blemishes while soothing and comforting skin
    • The salicylic acid level has been increased - this well-known ingredient helps with the treatment of spots and blemishes.
    • The new product contains  ARTISTRY exclusive Purifying Complex which features natural ingredients to target the many pathways where blemishes may occur (including NUTRIWAY™ Oregano to purify and acerola cherry fibre to absorb oil).