Deep Cleansing Mask ARTISTRY™

Ordering number: 117656
Size: 100 ml

    Works deep within skin’s surface to draw out impurities such as dirt and oil. Skin feels soft, smooth and refresh


    What It Does For You

    • Kaolin Clay helps draw out impurities with a cooling effect
    • Contains minerals of Zinc and Copper
    • Helps reduce oily shine and regulate surface oils
    • Noticeably reduces the appearance of pores
    • Contains a light, relaxing fragrance


    Why You Would Like It

    ARTISTRY Deep Cleansing Mask combines Amazonian White Clay and Kaolin Clay for a gentle yet powerful purifying effect. This exclusive skin mask is infused with minerals and clays to draw out excess dirt, oil and impurities from pores, leaving your skin thoroughly cleansed, refreshed, and healthy looking. You can feel the product work with a cool tingling effect as water evaporate from clay, creating a “suction effect” to draw out impurities.  Help reduce shine, close pores and benefit from essential skin minerals, including zinc and copper, with every use. 


    Facts For You

    • Kaolin clay is named after the Kao-ling mountain in China, where the clay was mined for centuries.
    • Amazonian White Clay has skin-lifting and revitalizing properties, helping to reduce wrinkles.

    Key Features

    • Uncovers a luminous, healthy glow in skin, helps regulate surface oils and reduce shine, pores appear smaller, less visible
    • Leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed
    • Suitable for oily to combination skin, not suitable for sensitive skin
    • Fits perfectly into your existing ARTISTRY™ Skincare regimen
    • Dermatologist tested, allergy tested


    How To Use

    • Use dry fingertips to apply.
    • Gently apply skin mask over cleansed face, avoiding eye area. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water.
    • Follow with your favorite Toner, Serum Concentrate and Moisturizer.
    • Recommended usage: once a week.



    • Amazonian White Clay – Rich in key minerals
    • Kaolin Clay – Helps draw out impurities
    • Minerals of Zinc and Copper

    Frequently asked questions

    I have sensitive skin; can I use ARTISTRY Deep Cleansing mask?

    Due to its highly effective deep cleansing properties, this product is not suitable for sensitive skin.

    Is it normal that I feel tingling effect while using the mask?

    A mild tingling effect is normal as this is the water evaporate from clay, creating a “suction effect” to draw out impurities; it means the product is working! It is important to apply a thin layer and wash off in 5 minutes. While a mild tingling sensation is normal, product use should be discontinued if there is any sign of a more severe allergic reaction.