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Automatic LipLiner Pencil Refill ARTISTRY™

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Ordering number: 112141
Size: 0,21 g

    Gives you the control to achieve a precise line and prevents lipstick from bleeding and feathering. Its retractable tip is gentle to your lips and gives you a feeling of luxury, yet it is firm enough to achieve long-lasting lines and coverage.

    •    Longwearing, non-drying, non-feathering and non-bleeding.
    •    Contains a special blend of ingredients.
    •    Creamy formula, containing Vitamin E.
    •    Refillable system comprised of component/holder (sold separately) and refills.
    •    Included lip brush is perfect for applying color and is useful for blending your contour outlines.


    •    Glides on easily for an even, smooth, defined lip line.
    •    Convenience and ease of use with a pencil that swivels up and down and never needs sharpening.
    •    Antioxidant properties thanks to Vitamin E.
    •    Enables a smooth, non-tacky application and luxurious feel.

    •    Insert refill shade into holder.
    •    Swivel up refillable lipliner pencil.
    •    Begin by tracing a line across the upper lip; continue to lower lip, making sure to connect the top and the bottom.
    •    Fill in any gaps and blend with brush or fingertip.
    •    For longer lasting lipstick or gloss, line lips, and then fill in the entire lip area before adding gloss or lip colour.
    •    Use convenient lip brush applicator to apply colour or smooth sharp lines.
    •    May be worn alone, with lip gloss or lip color.